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Life is really strange! I joined TBP exactly 10 months ago (7 January 2011) and I did not put any attention to it - NONE! Then one day (about 3 month ago), I decided to spend sometime Checking TBP more seriously. So I went to the back office, checked all the resources and applied them. At the begining I spent more time working on different areas to set up everything I need using social networks and other back office tools that are perfect to do the job. And now (7 October 2011) after 2 months of working about 2 hours a day, I'm having better results than I imagined. I've had previous bad experinece working with network marketing opportunities that were not the right ones. Why? Because I never had the support from my sponsor in those opportunities. All they cared about was collecting cash, and that's it!! I didnt know where to start from, Who to ask when I need anything and most important, I did not know who is interested to join me in the opportunities I chose before I join it. I figured out why TBP works perfectly. What's about TBP is that you can join, start building your downline without any kind of commitment, and when you are satisfied with your results after 30 days (when you get qualified) you join the opportunity you want with the team the you have already built! And you can know how many people are interested in the opportunity you chose from the votes of your team. Isn't that cool? Opportunities are selected according to the highest number of votes from ALL TBP members.. so it's chosen on what is best for everyone ! Also upline support is perfect. I got lots of messages welcoming me as one of the top performers and for being on the leadership directory. Stephen Scott is always there whenever I need anything (I can imagine how much of a busy man he is working on improving and adding enhancements to the project) but he and all the top sponsors always reply with answers to my questions or by providing tips to help me. At the begining I had a few signups but after that things began to change dramatically. I joined ThatFreeThing opportunity (TFT) and it really blew my mind. Best thing about TFT is that you can sponsor 3 referrals in the first level, then start placing new referrals in your downlines. They are places in as referrals to your downlines and their downlines till the 8th level! I am curretly working on expanding more and more and you can check my progress on the leaderboards. So stay tuned ;) Thanks, Hesham

Hesham H. - Egypt Egypt

مشروع بناء الفريق يبدو لي واحدة يمكن أن توفر إمكانات هائلة ، إلا أنها ليست سوى البداية. جعل المال ضخمة تتخذ إجراءات واسعة النطاق والجهد. ولذلك ، تعهدي هو أنه طالما أن الفرصة المختارة هي واحدة التي على ما أعتقد نجاح جميع أعضاء فريقي الذين هم على استعداد للتعلم والعمل.

Mohamed Fathy E. - Egypt Egypt

Page: 1 (2 testimonials)

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