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Hi .. to you all. My story is a bit different .. I have been a Painter .. Residential and Contract Commercial Painter now for 24 years . Boy dose my body now start to show the results , of the years of hard work , like most Hard working Tradies , with a few Mons and groans .. plus a stiff painful back Pain most days . Looking into my future and years ahead , I really have no idea How much longer I will be doing this toll as a painter .. so I feel it is TIME to start looking ahead to be prepared and , as Dad has reminded me so many times , says .. Never put all your eggs in the same basket . So .. I decided to join him and put in place a new Income stream.. to gain a bit of new learning about just HOw to Grow an Add-on Income set it up so it is there before I do Need it . Ok well that is My Why ?? I joined.. even if it takes two years .. hey it just might save my bacon time . Hope this all makes sense . do the same .Join me Chad .

Chad F. - Australia Australia

Mr. Stephen Scott. I am so thankful everything that I need is already done for me to follow. Read before I started. You remind me of on what parent birds do on a day-to-day basis, though is remarkable to see they fly to & fro instinctively in their search for food, even wear exhaustion, they drop the food into their gaping beaks of their babies who swallow it and usually clamor for more. You are instinctively wise in the way you care for the needs of your members in TBP. I feel it & no doubt the rest of TBP families around the world showing an admirably self-sacrificing spirit of their leader & mentor. And that's why I am hungry for more info to get going.

Mary F. - Australia Australia

Since joining the TBP I have found Stephen Scott to be an honest hardworking person. He searches tirelessly for the right business and has found that the TBP Network Marketing Training Academy ticks all the right boxes and offers the chance for us to make money worldwide. Today it is time for all of us to grasp the TBP Network Marketing Training Academy with both hands.

Bob W. - Australia Australia

The Team Building Project is not a get rich quick scheme, but rather a system that helps position you for long-term financial success. As well as an amazingly helpful back office, you also receive proven social networking tools and advice, absolutely free. Great concept to develop your downline to follow you into paying programs

James K. - Australia Australia

Glad you have joined me,or at least,serous enough to check things out properly. Over the past 15 years,I have tried,and hit my head on many,opportunities . Stephen,is right,most are over Hyped,and we end up starting OVER again . With TBP your list of contact can stay with you for life,that,s massive.No more start overs from scratch.

E-Rob F. - Australia Australia

I joined TBP because of the unique opportunity to grow my network marketing business by promoting multiple business opportunities from within the one platform. It gives me the tools, training and platform I need to grow my own home business and the opportunity to connect with thousands of other network marketers all over the world!

Rui S. - Australia Australia

I, like many others was 'Over it' with Net Work Marketing, I swore I'd never travel that road again. That was until I discovered the Unique Power of the Team Building Project concept. I joined and haven't looked back. Great stable leadership, Great Achievable business model Excellent help

Leon W. - Australia Australia

I have been a member of TBP for over 6 months now and to my delight have found that my team grows daily even if I am not online as I found out recently. My computer went RS, I lost skype and was 95% offline for 3 weeks. During that time my team grew by approx 3 per day average which amazed me. Eliza

Eliza-Anne F. - Australia Australia

I find this really interesting and it always intrigues me with the possibilities of building a great team that will in turn build their own team. There is no hard sell and you can do what you really feel comfortable with from day one. Good luck and the support is alway here.

Andrea O. - Australia Australia

Hi its Wayne I have been involved in online marketing for 18 months and during this time I have had my ups and downs but I always remain positive knowing my hard work will continue to pay off Honesty and Integrity are two of my values Be Blessed

Wayne L. - Australia Australia

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